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How to Make Hash Brownies—Guideline to Your Kitchen Recipes

Do you know how to make hash brownies? If you want to try out your new oven or delve into the world of baking, you should try making hash brownies. This dessert is for those who have serious sweet tooth who wants to get high on a very special sense. What exactly is a hash brownie?

A hash brownie is also known as space cake or pot cookies. You can enjoy the quaint coffee shops of Amsterdam where its supply is plentiful and limitless. It is special for the extra ingredient you can’t find on your normal, everyday chocolate brownie. It is infused with hash oil or delta-9-tetrahydrocannibol. For those who are not familiar with it, this substance is the main ingredient of marijuana that is addictive to those who use it.

pot brownies recipe How to Make Hash Brownies—Guideline to Your Kitchen Recipes

Getting down to business, let me ask you once more. Do you know how to make hash brownies? If not, let’s start with the ingredients first. You will need butter, brownie mix, eggs, water and marijuana or hashish. You must have a large bowl, a mixing spoon and an herb grinder. Making hash brownies is like making normal brownies. So, to make sure that you will not screw it up, I suggest following the recipe on making a normal, delicious brownies. Now, I bet you’re asking: how do I make hash brownies if I were to follow the traditional recipe?

The trick is getting the hash oil and incorporating it to the brownies. But “how to make hash oil”, you ask of me. It’s simple. First, you should first find out how many people are going to eat the brownies. Acquire half to one gram of cannabis flowers per person. Grind these by using any form of grinding material like mortar and pestle, herb grinder or scissors. Now, melt the amount of butter you need for the recipe. You will do this by filling a metal container with the butter and then placing it in a pot that is already containing a little, hot water in it. Next pour the grinded herbs to the melted butter and cover it. Simmer it for maximum of twenty minutes. Afterwards, pour the melted butter through a strainer into a waiting bowl.

At this time, you’re now ready to learn how to make hash brownies. Make your brownie mix by following the instructions. Add the melted butter as specified on the sequence of instructions of the recipe. Mix until all lumps disappear. With everything done, the last thing to do is baking. Transfer the mixture into the brownie former or cupcake tray. Place it in the oven and bake for the instructed time as stated in the recipe. Once the timer goes off, let the brownies cool by placing them on a cooling tray.

An important thing to keep in mind is the interval of eating these hash brownies. Thirty minutes should have elapsed before munching on another one. Eating hash brownies is as vital as how to make hash brownies. Enjoy this delectable and sinful dessert!